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Equity Lock Residential and Equity Lock Commercial are each Registered Tradenames of "Private Placement Markets, LLC" (a Delaware Limited Liability Company). 

Details about the Complete Portfolio of Operations of Private Placement Markets, LLC can be found at the following website addresses:

The whole portfolio of Private Placement Markets' Companies provide cutting edge, industry leading, and trend setting financial services industry products and services that were considered ‘radical’ at the time of inception, but are quickly becoming mainstream today, but we still do not think and/or act mainstream like every other financial institution.

Private Placement Markets, LLC (a Delaware Limited Liability Company) was founded by, and is today managed by Mr. Steve Muehler (LinkedIn) for its Members / Shareholders and its various forms of clients. Additional Information about the overall operations of Private Placement Markets, LLC can be found in this Disclosure Document (last updated April 1st, 2020). 

Private Placement Markets, LLC, nor Mr. Steve Muehler, are a  Broker Dealer or a Financial Advisor. For products and/or Services that require a FINRA Registered Broker Dealer or Financial Advisor, Mr. Steven Joseph on behalf of Private Placement Markets can make referrals and introductions to FINRA Registered Broker Dealers and/or Financial Advisors.

Mr. Steve Muehler

Founder & Senior Managing Member

Private Placement Markets, LLC

Phone: (877) 259-8066

Direct Email: Steve@PPMSecurities.com

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a Division of Private Placement Markets 

Steve Muehler, Founder & Managing Member

1055 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California 90017

Phone: (877) 259-8066

Email: Steve@PPMSecurities.com

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